The following are projects that have been completed successfully over the past years


Project Accomplished

Government Entity Develop, install, test & commission Erosion Control Management & Enforcement System – 2008

The system comprises of 2 web-based modules, which help to improve the operations of Erosion Control Management and Catchment Surveillance.

It enables the government agency to track records to control erosion of construction project from the planning, earthwork to the completion stage of earth works. Information captured is used to generate forms, letters and certificates on plan approval. It also helps to capture information on surveillance done on urban activities and industries within Singapore, identify pollution issues for other government agencies to take action.

It tracks plan status, generate often tedious management reports, send reminders, generate prosecution documents and track enforcement status.”

  • Technology used:
    Visual Studio 2005
    ASP .Net Framework 2.0
    MS SQL 2005.
Public Secondary School Develop, install, test & commission Student Monitoring & Attendance Tracking System (SMATS) – 2008

The Student Monitoring & Attendance Tracking System (SMATS) is an intranet system which assists teachers in their daily administration, reporting and follow up tasks. It makes teachers and administrators more productive and thus enabling them to channel more of their time to organize, plan and deliver their lessons.

It comprises a mobile application which resided on PDA, a web-Based application for accessing captured data and its analysis and a database application.

  • Technology used:
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
    Visual 2005
    MS SQL 2005
Leading Intellectual Property Practitioners (Asia & Australia) Develop Window-Based Legal Office System for Intellectial Property (IP) – 2007

Development of General Ledger, Office and Client Accounting, Billing and Disbursements, Accounts Payable, Work Done and Credit Control systems for use in legal office and patents & trademarks agent, with data migration. Integrate the systems with their in-house Intellectual Property processing system.

  • Technology used:
    32-bit Windows
    MS SQL Server 2000
    Visual Basic 6.0
    Crystal Reports 8.5
Government Entity Develop Web-Based Project Tracking And Information System – 2006

Phase I
Web based application to manage transmission projects; planning and implementation; monitors equipments and cables required for each project phase; captures contractors detail and performance; capture project expenditure and costing; maintenance records and monitoring, enquiry functions for procurement & engineering tender and transmission project commencement; routine and management reporting.

Phase II
Enhanced Transmission Planning, link procurement to MS Project, enhanced Tranmission Engineering, to link the system with corporate system in order to automatically update the financial information and to extract project expenditure projection/phasing details from the database for own customized reporting.

  • Technology used:
    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0
    SQL 2000
    Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.NET
    Excel 2000
Local Epoxy Powder for Industrial Coating Manufacturer. Process Manufacturing System to Windows-Based Migration-2006

Orders received are tracked and turned to production orders, BOM maintained the formulae and generates the raw materials requirements, handles inventory control for raw materials, semi-finished, and packing materials, maintains lab and QC reports, handles costing, Micronizer records, production schedule, transfer to finished goods, billing and financial functionalities.

Soft-Pro first completed the system in DOS to run on Netware in 1988. In 2006, a contract was awarded to us to rewrite the existing functionalities to 32-bit Windows with new capabilities and data migration.

  • Technology used:
    32-bit Windows MS SQL Server 2000
    Visual Basic 6.0
    Crystal Reports 8.5
Electronics Component Distributor & Manufacturer
Develop Window-Based Soft-Pro Financial Series, comprises of Finance, Operation & Manufacturing Modules – 2006

Comprises of 11 fully integrated modules for financial, operational and manufacturing requirements. These systems are field proven for many years, user friendly, industry standard and acceptable accounting principles are employed. Standard features found includes multilevel passwords, on-line and batch processing, multi-currency and audit trails. The modules are Order Entry/Invoicing, Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Quotation, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Fixed Asset, Bill of Materials, Production Control and Materials Issue And Goods Transfer Systems.

Some customisations have been done to integrate the system to client’s web portal for online sales and purchase information to be accessed by the staff or their customers over the web; Electronics Data Interchange (EDI); automatic synchronisation of data to other servers for web publishing, purchase order routing for approval and electronically send by email.

  • Technology used:
    32-bit Windows MS SQL Server 2000
    Visual Basic 6.0
    Crystal Reports 8.5
One of the biggest players on the Global Communications Market & listed on the NYSE
Develop Web-Based Advertising Agency Information Management System (SP-AD) – 2004

The Soft-Pro Advertising Agency Information Management (SP-AD) System is designed and developed to meet the data processing needs of medium to large-size advertising agencies. It provides a complete, comprehensive, cohesive, accurate and up-to-date information on all data processing.

It comprises of 14 modules to fulfill various departments processing requirements. It allows media department to capture users space orders booking, amendments and copy instructions. It interfaces with Singapore Press Holding’s(SPH) AD-NET system and updates all insertions booked via SPH to provide user with their booking status. It has a job monitoring system that allows finance department to keep track on job workflow from creation of job to raising job estimates, job purchase orders, job work scheduling, time sheet, billing and job revenue. Apart from providing a complete financial package that allows user to print Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports, it allows user to design ad-hoc report for reporting needs. SP-AD enables user to prepare budgetting reports that compares actual against periodic budget on monthly and yearly basis. It also has a leave application module, that provides email notification to departments heads and employees of leave application and status. SP-AD provides system administrator with a tight security system to safeguard the data, and allows he/she to identify user access rights to every modules.

  • Technology used:
    ASP using VBScript
    MS SQL Server
    Crystal Reports 8.5
Asia Premier Lubricants Contract Manufacturer
Develop Marketing Module & Migration of Existing Financial to Windows-Based

This module captures marketing confirmed orders, integrate with existing DOS system, captures customer instructions, produces comprehensive sales analysis and margin report for management and web based enquiry for customer to check product and orders.

Redeveloped and migrated financial modules from DOS to 32-bit Windows. The financial modules comprises of order processing, invoicing, process manufacturing inventory, lab systems, purchasing, quotation, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger systems.

  • Technology used:
    32-bit Windows MS SQL Server 2000
    Visual Basic 6.0
    Crystal Reports 8.5