Soft-Pro is quick to respond to user’s request for support after implementation.

Untitled33-1While most problems can be rectified at the help-desk and on-line communication linkage to client’s office, site visits are also made to provide the necessary technical support.

No matter what equipment is purchased or what service is contracted, Soft-Pro is always the first-line-of-service. An escalation process is in place when further attention is required. Help desk support is almost immediate and response to customer request for on-site service is usually within 4 working hours.

Our service is available on 5×8 hours, however special arrangements can be contracted for 7×24 hours. Currently, the following contracted services are available:


Network Maintenance Service This service is suitable for organization that has at least a Network Administrator who can handle end-user queries and support. The network services covered include network troubleshooting and preventive maintenance services, network consultancy, backup and restoration, optimization, health check, network cable troubleshooting, program fixes and updates. When called upon, Soft-Pro will also liaise with client’s head office to implement strategic IT policy and project. A loan server is available in the event that customer’s require minimum down time.

Total Service This service is designed for organization that does not have the service of an in-house Network Administrator and is totally dependent on external IT services. Besides the above Network Maintenance services, it also covers PC, notebook and peripherals trouble shooting, preventive maintenance and end-user support. A loan unit can be provided if the faulty equipment is brought back for bench repair at our depot.

Manpower Outsource Service Clients who want the highest level of service often find our Outsource Contract most suitable. When contracted, Soft-Pro will station a permanent network and/or desktop engineer at the client’s location including a replacement when the permanent staff is on leave. In other words, an engineer will always be present at client’s premises. Soft-Pro also provides backup support when additional manpower or engineers with higher skill sets are required. With this contract, clients can easily manage their expenses at a fixed monthly cost and let Soft-Pro take care of the technical and human resource issues.

Time Based Network Service Similar to Total Service Contract, this is a “pay-as-you-use” service. Client who has their own internal IT personnel and requires a second line of support or a small-and-medium size business will find value in this contract service. 

Software Support Service This service is available to client who has engaged Soft-Pro customization services. It includes services to maintain updated copy of the customized software with its source listing, operator and instructions guides, training for new operator, support service, correct program malfunction and program patches of known bugs.

Soft-Pro can also customize maintenance and support contracts to suit our client’s environment and requirements.