The Beginning of a Commitment.

It was in 1982 and the microcomputer industry in Singapore was in its infancy. System limitations and service inconsistencies were common problems users had to contend with.

Untitled22-1Driven by the strong belief that a new-concept IT service company is urgently needed to serve users in this area, a group of young enthusiastic and dedicated IT professionals founded Soft-Pro Computer Pte Ltd.

From the early days of creating solutions to software, hardware and service inadequacies, through the growing years of developing extensive and complex LAN/WAN solutions across diverse platforms, Soft-Pro has been serving its clients with a spirit of total commitment to create the best solution in order to maximize a business’ efficiency and profitability. This commitment which has been the founding members’ business emphasis over the past decade continues to be Soft-Pro’s guiding corporate philosophy.

Following more than two decades of growth, Soft-Pro is now established as a unique one-stop IT vendor, offering IT solutions mainly in LAN/WAN related hardware and software, consultancy, network and security management services, LAN/WAN related connectivity, messaging, mobility, structured cabling and computer room built up, project management, software development to a full range of businesses, large or small.

As Soft-Pro continues to grow with its clients and the industry, it is now ready to take on the challenges that will bring the industry into the next lap of technological innovation.